A Lapse in Recent Posts

As my regular readers have no doubt noticed, and I have some, I have been quite remiss in my regular weekly posts of late.  I will not make excuses but I will apologize and promise to endeavor mightily to do better in the future.  A blog like this is not really a moneymaker, it essentially pays for itself and no more, it is a labor of love.  I read a lot and find history fascinating so I try to share my interests.

I promise to keep reviewing history books but I am also going to be posting a lot more original content in the future dealing with both history and current geopolitical events.  I used to do a  monthly international events wrap up and analysis and I am thinking of reviving that as the world has certainly gotten to be if anything a more interesting place in the year or so since I let that feature lapse.

A warning though, I am currently finishing up a second MA in International Relations and my comprehensive exams are in mid-January to mid-February and during that time I will probably not post much as I will be concentrating on finishing the exams and actually passing them.  So, I have to ask for a little more patience.

Rest assured however that I have not forgotten the blog and I have several pieces in the works.  You should start seeing new content in the next few days and I will have more, and more frequent, short pieces interspersed amongst the larger analysis pieces and book reviews.

I would like to thank all the readers that I have for being patient and encourage you to join in the discussion on the comment sections of posts.

Until then,

Me, the website owner

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