Below are links to all the things I have published elsewhere on the web and also links to books and journal articles. The list is still relatively short but give me time. My hope is that you, the readers of my blog, will like my work so much that you will also be willing to pay for stuff I don’t put on the net.


1. The Simple Survival Smart Book: Available as both a Trade Paperback and for Kindle

Academic and semi-professional:

1. Guide to the Austrian Kriegsarchiv in Vienna, Austria published on the Society for Military History Website
2. Blog Piece on the Peace of Westphalia highlighted in the 24 Oct 2011 update on the Real Clear History website
3. Shrier, Patrick. Frederick the Great. In Oxford Bibliographies in Military History. Ed. Dennis Showalter. New York: Oxford University Press, 22 April 2013  (My first Peer-Reviewed Publication)
4. The review I wrote up of Gary Rashba’s HOLY WARS: 3000 Years of Battles in the Holy Land has been excerpted and put up on the publishers webpage for the book.
5.Blog Piece on the Peace of Westphalia again highlighted in the 24 Oct 2012 update on the Real Clear History website

Below are articles I have published elsewhere on the web, they are not peer-reviewed, both are also hosted here on the blog as well:

1. Operation Barbarossa: The Ultimate Strategic Miscalculation
2. The Hundred Years War: An Analysis of the Causes and Conduct of the Longest European War


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