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Given that I generally try to concentrate on the German Wars of Unification when I do any serious research I thought I would toss this link out there.  I ran across the following article about the Battle of Lundby in 1864 today.  It is probably the best description of any single action from the Danish War of 1864 I have ever seen.  What makes it so great for my purposes is that it is in English and I can direct my readers to it.  The first of the German Wars of Unification, the Danish War of 1864, is practically ignored in English scholarship and thus finding something like this is a treasure as it sheds light on the development of Prussian tactical and operational methods that is not generally open to the English speaking world.

The Actual Writing of a Thesis-Part 9

Well, I figured it is time for another update.  I have made the first round of changes to my rough draft and turned them back in and my thesis made it past my professor and is now in the hands of the second reader.  It went up to the second reader Tuesday and I should get it back sometime next week for corrections, if any.  If there are no corrections needed it will go the department Chair and then I will get a final grade for the thesis and the thesis class. 

At that point I will be done with my thesis and should only need to receive word from the university that I have met the requirements for graduation.  If that happens then my current conferral date will be 15 May and I will be the proud holder of a Master of Arts Degree in European History.  As long as the final grade on my thesis class is not below a C, I should graduate with honors.  I currently have a 3.93 GPA and don’t think I really have to worry about getting a bad grade on my thesis but I am keeping my fingers crossed anyway because the class is not over.

As ever, stay tuned. :)

The Actual Writing of a Thesis-Part 8

I got my rough draft back from my Thesis professor this morning with the first round of requested corrections.  It actually looks much better than I thought it would.  There are not as many corrections as I expected and so I will start working on revising it tonight after I get home from work.  I just quickly glanced at it this morning.  I guess it will take me two or three days to make the requested corrections.

After I make corrections and resubmit it as a final version, it will go to a second reader in the history department for a final round of changes.  After the second reader gets done and final changes are made it gets submitted to the university for publication and I will get my final grade for the thesis.  So far, I have a 3.93 GPA and if I pass my thesis with distinction I will graduate with honors, which is what I have been trying to achieve since I started my MA program three years ago.  We will see what happens.

Tune in for updates.

The Actual Writing of a Thesis-Part 6

I just finished writing the rough draft of my MA Thesis.  It is currently sitting right around 73 pages.  I would guess I will end up adding about 4-5 more ages as I do my final revisions before submitting the rough draft this coming Sunday when it is due.  It was  both easier and harder to write than I thought it would be.  I also am very curious to see what comments my thesis adviser will have.  I already have comments on my intro ad first chapter and will spend the rest of the week incorporating the changes he suggested into the rough draft.  Well we will see.

I should have an update on the rough draft sometime next week.