Women in Combat-Part 4

This is an issue I feel strongly about so every time there is a development I will be posting updates.

According to Women in combat no later than 2016, Pentagon says, the latest timeline for women being introduced into combat positions is 2016.  Maybe the slip to the right means clear heads are having second thoughts and hoping that pushing the implementation into the next administration means that the next SecDef will see the idiocy of the idea and backtrack.  I doubt it though, the slip is probably the result of planners realizing they need more time to 1. figure out how to neuter standards, and 2. figure out how to spin said neuterization such that they can say standards have not been compromised.

I still have not seen any data on how or whether the move to allow women into combat (WIC)will affect retention of male soldiers.  I would also guess that such data will not be forthcoming until long after implementation and will say what WIC proponents want ti to say.  I will point that empirical evidence from friends of mine who are still in says that most men in combat arms are seriously rethinking their commitment to staying in the military and some have decided to get out before the military becomes intolerable.

The changes made in the new Unisex ACU.
The changes made in the new Unisex ACU.

The last and most amusing: Unisex Uniforms Debut As Army Opens Units To Women.  Let’s examine some of the changes in the new ACU.  Narrower shoulders, a slightly tapered waist, adjusted chest to conform to the female form, and more space in the hip area all seem designed to make the uniform fit both men and women better don’t they.  I know lots of guys with thunder thighs and big breasts who this uniform will fit better.  Of course, I was busy putting such guys out for being physically unfit but I am sure that before long someone is going to claim that kicking fatboys out is discrimination and get that policy changed too.

The military is being destroyed by liberal policies before the very eyes of America and very few are making a stink.  I am glad I retired when I did because the current leadership of our nation and military makes me want to cry.

The push to have women in combat is driven not by requirements but politics and those pushing it don’t care or could care less if this policy negatively affects combat readiness in the military.

Come on people! Sound off if you think I am right or wrong on this.