Never say the USMC aint Full of Smart Officers

Marine Corps to open infantry training to enlisted women

Female MarinesWho said Marines are stupid?  Letting female Marines attend Infantry training as it is right now, before it is feminized is one of the smartest moves they could make.  When females drop from the course lke flies it will make a strong argument to keep women out of front-line infantry jobs.  As the story points out, the Marines allowed females into the Infantry Officer Course last year and all that have tried it have washed out so far.

Never doubt though that regardless of the evidence that comes out of any studies on the rle of women in combat, it will happen.  The political masters have decreed that women can do anything men can do and they will rig the game to make it so.  Heck, women can even pee standing up now, if not quite write their name in the snow.  All they need is the Go Girl Female Urination Device now being sourced to female troops in Afghanistan on FET’s and convoy duty.