Yes, I allow advertising, but only from sellers of products and services that I know, trust, and approve of.  Does having sponsors make me biased?  Of course it does.  I’m dependent on my banner advertisers to keep Battles & Book Reviews, a website owned by Battles & Book Reviews Publishing a going concern.  However, you have my promise that any advertiser that sells shoddy merchandise or engages in shady business practices will have their ads kicked off the site as fast as possible!  I am very selective about who I let advertise.  If you would like more information on becoming an advertiser on Battles & Book Reviews, please feel free to contact me using my Contact Page to find out what advertising slots I have open.

For Advertising inquiries please visit my Contact Page.

Advertising Rates and Positioning of Ads

I understand that the current internet marketplace is very competitive.  Therefore one of my goals is to provide visitors to Battles & Book Reviews with reputable, quality and cost effective products.  I strive to make my advertising visible, fair, and affordable for small business owners and individuals.  You can review my different advertising opportunities below – if you’ve got other ideas, please let me know and I’ll certainly consider them.

Ad Positioning

There are several areas of my web site that are dedicated to advertising.  As a general policy, I try to inform visitors when they are looking at an advertisement by tagging ad areas with notices such as “Sponsored Ads” or “Help Support my Site.”

Battles & Book Reviews Publishing has several advertising spaces available in various blocks.  Each block, ad requirements and its associated price is described in more detail below.

The below page template is a visual reference of available advertising space at

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Ad Rates

For specific Ad rates contact the webmaster at with which ad block you desire and how long you envisage your ad running.

All advertising is approved at the sole discretion of me, the owner of Battles & Book Reviews Publishing.   My goal is to introduce my website visitors to vendors and advertisers that market reputable, quality products.   To that end, Battles & Book Reviews Publishing will not accept advertising for several classes of business/products.   These include, but are not limited to any businesses offering pornography, gambling, any site offering academically dishonest services such as sites peddling test answers or academic writing services, and anything that is illegal or contrary to my personal beliefs.   If you would like to advertise on Battles & Book Reviews and are unsure if I would approve you for advertising simply contact  for more information.

Billing and Invoicing

All payments and invoicing for advertising on Battles & Book Reviews Publishing owned sites is facilitated via PayPal.  By rare exception and only with prior agreement and negotiation I may accept mailed cashier’s checks but reserve the right to delay the start of advertising until and paper checks clear my bank.  All advertising contracts run on a month to month basis and are invoiced monthly.  Advertising contracts for a set period of shorter or longer than the standard 30-day period can be negotiated and billed  on a case by case basis.  At the end of the advertising period the purchaser has the option of renewing the advertisements once for the same price.  Subsequent renewal prices  are subject to negotiation.

Ad Cancellation

As a general rule all ads will run for the agreed upon length of time prior to Ad placement.  In exceptional circumstances I, as the publisher and owner of Battles & Book Reviews Publishing reserve the right to terminate any and all advertising contracts at my sole discretion at any time for any reason.  Of course, a full (pro-rated,) refund for any unused advertising days will be given to any advertisers whose ads are cancelled.

Honest Broker Disclaimer

(IAW FTC File No.  P034520): I accept cash-paid advertising.  To the best of my knowledge, as of the date of this posting (February 3, 2014), none of the advertisers that sell products mentioned on this blog have solicited me or paid me to write any reviews or endorsements.   I do occasionally receive free sample products or books for review purposes and every review of such an item is prefaced with an announcement that I received the item free.   I refuse to do paid reviews for products or books and insist on absolute editorial control of any reviews that I subsequently write and post on Battles & Book Reviews Publishing.  As far as I am aware I am not a stockholder in any company whose products I review.  I do benefit from sales through the B&BR Amazon Bookstore though.  If you click on one of our Amazon links and then “click through” to order any product from (not just the ones listed in our catalog), we then earn a modest sales commission.

For Advertising inquiries please visit my Contact Page.

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