The Actual Writing of a Thesis-Part 5

I am now a little over half-way through writing my thesis at least going by the Outline I drew up.   I got to page 50 last night and am almost ready to start writing the chapter concerning the main battle at Königgrätz itself.

I am actually behind on the time-line I set myself because I got hit with writer’s block earlier this week.   That is not the first time I have ever been blocked, but it is one of the worst episodes I have ever had.   I got over it pretty well tough and have punched out about ten pages since I fiured out a way forward.   I hate it when I am writing and it is flowing and then suddenly I draw a blank.   That is what happened with me.   I was finishing a paragraph analyzing the battle of Nachod and hit the Enter key and then just drew a blank.

Halo: Reach got me over it though.   I went and played Hal online with my son for an hour or so and then suddenly I knew which way I wanted to go with the paper.   My son was not happy that I quit in the middle of a match though. 🙂