On this page are links to some of the things I want my students to know or at least be aware of.  This is all stuff that I find pretty basic but that students are not necessarily aware of or perhaps need a refresher on.  I have included some links to my expectations of what I am expecting when I receive a paper for grading.  The things on this page will probably change as the mood strikes me or as I find that things needed to be added or removed.

The first thing up here is how to write a history paper.  Many people have written papers throughout their school careers and every instructor is different.  They all have slightly different expectations.  History papers are a little different from the rest as history papers generally use different citation styles than most people are familiar with and the standard of support and analysis required is slightly different.  I like to think history papers should be fun to write, but then I am a historian and so should think that shouldn’t I?