Why Blog?

I have this blog and also another, political, website called The Pointy End, this site is where I post pretty much whatever my thoughts on history are and my other site is where I vent about politics and whatever else strikes my fancy. Blogging lets me publish my thoughts whether they get read by others or not, I blog for myself, not the edification of others. If other people enjoy reading my musings, that is cool too though.

On this blog I will occasionally post essays about various epochs and events in military history, I will also post a review of pretty much every book I read and I read a lot (generally 1-2 books per week). I will mainly concentrate on European military history but will occasionally digress and talk about warfare in other parts of the world. My purpose is somewhat to start a discussion but mostly to talk about areas of history that I find of interest and hopefully other people do as well. The vast majority of my posts will be open for comment and I heartily encourage folks to comment. At a minimum, I hope people find my posts and insights entertaining and worth reading.

I will try to avoid posting too many random political grumbles and opinions on the blog, but things being as they are I will probably be unable to resist the temptation at times. I want to avoid acrimonious debate from nationalists, political extremists, and others with an ax to grind. I am more than willing to engage in civil debate with anyone about almost any topic though, with emphasis being on CIVIL. Ad hominem attacks will be deleted, and since this is my blog I get to decide what is ad hominem and what is not. I may want to live in a democracy but my blog is not one. Here there is only one person and one vote, me.