My 1981 Jeep CJ7 Laredo

My Jeep when I first got it.

I recently got lucky and fulfilled a dream, I picked up a Jeep CJ7 at auction.  I was surprised my wife was down for it but once again proving how awesome she is she told me to go for it.  I am still going to post book reviews but I am also going to chronicle what I do to the Jeep as well.

I learned how to work on cars from my Dad when I was a teenager and it has been at least 25 years since I owned a car with a carburetor.  I love this Jeep already because it has not a single computer in it.  1981 was the last model year Jeep built that everything on the vehicle is mechanical, which means that I can do almost everything to the Jeep in my driveway.  I have found a couple of pretty good websites already for both advice and parts.  It urns out there is a pretty good aftermarket for Jeeps and parts are not stupid expensive if you are trying to keep an old Jeep running and reasonably close to OEM.  The best sites I have found so far are below.


Tom “OlJeep” Collins: This site has scans of factory service manuals for most models of Jeep still on the road. This is a forum page where you can post your questions and give advice to a pretty big and very friendly community of Jeep CJ owners.  they have already been very helpful to me.

Parts and Mods:

Morris 4X4 Center:  This site has just about everything you need to build a CJ7 minus the VIN number.  They have a great staff, reasonable prices, and they ship very fast.

Quadratec: These folks also sell Jeep parts but they tend to be a little bit pricier although they have a pretty extensive selection of aftermarket, upgrade parts available that i have not found elsewhere.

Ashtray Refurb

I want to keep my CJ as authentic as possible and part of that was cleaning up the ashtray and trying to get it to stop squealing every time I open it.  Mine was pretty rusty and the paint was scratched so I took it off and treated the mounting bracket with some rust removal stuff, lubed up the bearings, and repainted the front of the ashtray with some flat black spray paint. I used white lithium grease on the bearings because white lithium is my go to grease since the can of moly grease I “acquired” in the army was finally emptied last year. The rust remover stuff I … More after the Jump…

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