Ashtray Refurb

I want to keep my CJ as authentic as possible and part of that was cleaning up the ashtray and trying to get it to stop squealing every time I open it.  Mine was pretty rusty and the paint was scratched so I took it off and treated the mounting bracket with some rust removal stuff, lubed up the bearings, and repainted the front of the ashtray with some flat black spray paint. I used white lithium grease on the bearings because white lithium is my go to grease since the can of moly grease I “acquired” in the army was finally emptied last year.

The rust remover stuff I got from my local hardware store and it works much better than I thought it would although I did have to treat it twice. The rat’s nest of wires behind the ashtray is leftover from something the PO did and that will get fixed next spring when I plan on rewiring the entire jeep with a new wiring harness.

With the rust removal stuff on it
After again