Heroe’s Portraits: Sydir Kovpak

 Sydir Kovpak was a Ukrainian partisan in World War II who fought the Germans behind the lines in the Ukraine and a two-time winner of the Hero of the Soviet Union. Kovpak began his military service in World War I and after that war he joined the Bolsheviks and fought in the Russian Civil War that established the Soviet Union.

Postwar Portrait of Sydir Kovpak

In World War II he was in command of partisan units in the Ukraine throughout World War II. He led a large band of partisans in the Carpathians in 1943 in an attempt to destroy the oil infrastructure there and deny the oil fields to the Germans. The attempt was a failure and most of his partisans were captured or killed by the Germans. He was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union medals on May 18, 1942 and January 4, 1944. Unfortunately I have been unable to find the text of the citations.

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