Contributor Request

What I would like to do is ask if any of the regulars or even other visitors to the site feel up to making the occasional contribution? I won’t promise to take on everybody who wants to contribute but I will fairly consider everyone. I am looking for two to three people to start with who would write 1 piece a month or so. I would make you authors on the site and you would have the ability to write and publish your own stuff.  If you are interested contact me at the following link: Patrick Shrier

I know I have some fairly regular readers through the magic of Google Analytics. You guys know the kinds of stuff I put up and have probably noticed that I have been slacking on the hard History topics of late. I apologize for that but given the press of real life I have not really had time to do the kind of research I would like to put up good substantive posts about military history events and topics. Before I put what even I think is garbage I decided to stick to book reviews and the occasional substantive piece as I get the time to properly source it.