War Memorial in the town where I live

The town in Germany where I live has what is actually a rarity among German war memorials.   It has a memorial to the dead of the Franco-Prussian War.   Of course, they have the obligatory WWI and II memorial like every self respecting German town that calls itself a town.   Most do not have Franco-Prussian War memorials though, in all my travels throughout Germany over 12+years I have only seen a few memorials to the Franco Prussian War.   The one where I live is actually pretty nice and obviously well thought out.   The memorial is in the form of an obelisk supported by three cannonballs and the three different faces have different texts.   Pictures and translations of some the texts are below.

Front Face
Plinth Inscription says, in rough translation, ” This monument is dedicated to the above listed who fell in battle in the victorious war against France in 1870-71 for the Fatherland, the Heroes came from the City of Kemnath, and will will be remembered forever.”
There are several names listed above and all around the obelisk. This side says:                 Ludw. Gustav Schobert. Sergeant im K.B. (Royal Bavarian) Infantry Regiment Hartmann.   Born 26, July, 1850 – Died 29 August 1870 at Sedan.   Son of the Royal Notar Mr. Jakob Shobert from here.
Another face of the monument. The text is difficult to read so, no translation.
View of the plinth from the face sown in the above picture. The text reads: “This monument was erected after the completion of the cemetery expansion in 1873.”