Deutsche Telekom’s hacker tracker

Deutsche Telekom has website they recently put up that has a live “radar” like view of where the most hacker attacks in the world are coming from.  It is at their Overview of current cyber attacks.  If anybody thinks that the internet is a safe place they should look at this site, which logs roughly 450,000+ attacks per day just on the honey pot systems Telekom has set up to monitor cyber attacks.  Below is a screen shot of the site

Screenshot of the Telekom Cyber Attack tracking page
Screenshot of the Deutsche Telekom Cyber Attack tracking page.

The ubiquity of cyber attacks should convince anyone that the US creation of Cyber Command a few years ago was a good idea.  The modern dependence on both computers and the internet means that there is indeed now a fourth dimension to warfare beyond the three of the 20th Century, Land, Sea, and Air.  Cyberspace is indeed a battlefield as well.