Blueprint North Carolina or, How should treason really be defined?

I just wanted to add this because I think everybody should read this document.  I ran across a mention of it yesterday while perusing some political sites and then had to find the originally posted document and read it myself at first because I could not believe the inflammatory stuff in the piece about it.  It turns out that the entire document is actually worse than I originally thought.  It is literally a blueprint for how the Blueprint folks (a Dem/Progressive organization) can paralyze state government in NC and do it while blaming the Republican admin of the state for the paralysis.

After reading it there should be no questions as to why government is at a virtual standstill in America.  Although this document comes from a Democrat/Progressive group I also have no doubt that there are Republican/Conservative groups engaged in the same kind of thing.  The politics of poison indeed.

Blueprint NC Secret Memo by LaborUnionReport

Link to downloadable version:  Blueprint-NC-Secret-Memo