National Review and Cliches on the Crimea

This is what poses as journalism in the disgenic idiocracy of today’s Western world : here.

They aren’t even embarrassed that they are quoting an author that they haven’t read.

If NRO wants to cut and paste the following comments, I suggest they do that, especially considering that this is the age of twitter journalism and that it is more important to Bolshevik-purge your only decent intellectual to tow the line in PC thinking than to actually read the books you are quoting from in our modern society.

Here may be some reasons why Putin has taken the Crimea (perhaps he actually has read Clausewitz?)

One country may support another’s cause, but will never take it so seriously as it takes its own.

The Crimea has no value to the USA, so the dam that is needed to prop up the bloodthirsty yoke of Russia will not be applied.

Timidity will do a thousand times more damage in war than audacity.

Putin knows that his opponents are professional talkers with soft, gentle hands and that have no intent to act with resolve.

Or maybe this one, since its on the first page:

war is such a dangerous business that the mistakes which come from kindness are the very worst.