Book Review: For Two Cents, I’ll Go With You by Marcia Maxwell

For 2 Cents, I’ll Go With You: A Novel of the Great War
is the story of Pat, a farm boy who grew up in a small village in Michigan. His friend Aubrey has joined the Army and convinces Pat he should do the same so they can go to Paris and have adventures and meet beautiful women. As it turns out, things don’t quite go as hoped. Pat starts out at a camp in Georgia, then moves on to Pennsylvania where he is trained by a few memorable nurses on how to be a surgical assistant. He meets up with a band of three other men in Georgia who stay with him throughout the war, Mac, Heinrich and Greene.Soon the men are sent off to France to be of service in the Evacuation Hospital and must call upon their knowledge and strength to endure the horror and losses of war.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this tale of a boy who becomes a man during a time of war and shows courage even in times of darkness. No matter what is thrown at him, Pat keeps going and won’t let anything stop him from doing his job. The characters come to life and the story keeps you engaged, rooting for Pat and his group of friends to come home safe from war.