Syria – What’s Really Going to Happen?

This is my inaugural podcast.  I plan on making this a regular feature.  Generally they will be about current world events and should usually run 10-15 minutes in length.  The length is because I record them in my truck on the way to work so you will hear background noise and probably get to hear me swear at other drivers on occasion.  Yes, other drivers irritate me as well, especially folks that are in such a hurry they pass unsafely such as on blind curves or inclement weather.

I will relate current events to historical antecedents and try to explain my view of how I think the history of various regions plays into the tensions and conflicts of today.  I will also occasionally engage in geopolitical analysis and fortune telling.  I call it fortune telling because any prediction of future events looking farther than about ten minutes is bound to be flawed.  That being said, I am as apt as anyone else to be right and I have on occasion been correct, especially when it comes to Great Power actions.

This first episode is about Syria, specifically where the Syrian Civil War is a and where I thing it is likely to go.  I hope everyone enjoys it and looks forward to future episodes.