Book Review: Black Tide Rising edited by John Ringo and Gary Poole

Black Tide Rising is an anthology of twelve short stories set in the world created by John Ringo in the series of the same name.

The stories are uniformly good but as I am not a huge fan of short stories I wish most of them had been expanded.  As with most short stories these all left me wanting more information about the protagonists, information that is not forthcoming because of the nature of short stories themselves.

That being said, all the stories in the book are good and worth reading.  One of the best things about them is that they concern what happened on the mainland as the outbreak of the zombie virus occurred.  The book series concentrates on events at sea and all that is ever really said about the mainland is that things are extremely bad.  The stories in this book detail how bad extremely bad was.

There is room in the Black Tide universe for more stories and even several full-length novels detailing the ways in which people dealt with the virus outbreak and even more so how the virus was overcome and the land reclaimed for humanity.

If you did not get enough of a zombie fix from the Black Tide Rising books, then this is enough to whet your appetite.  Hopefully Ringo will write more in that universe.  Before he does though, I am still waiting on him to finish out the Posleen cycle where he left us all hanging after the release of Eye of the Storm 3 years ago.