The Actual Writing of a Thesis

I am about 20 pages into writing my thesis and it is killing me.   I generally really enjoy writing, especially writing about history.   I have studied my topic for about 3 years now and actually visited the battlefield twice.   I find myself wanting to hurry writing the introductory chapters so I can get to the good stuff.   It is getting increasingly difficult for me to motivate myself to write, I suppose I will struggle through it somehow though.

Writing my thesis is exciting and boring at the same time. The best comparison I can think of is sitting on a screen line in Iraq overwatching a known insurgent mortar firing point.   We sat there for three days waiting for the retards to show back up and they finally did whereupon we called for artillery and killed them; scratch two retard insurgents.   It was exciting pulling overwatch because we had to be constantly alert that we were not spotted by some little kid herding goats or the insurgents doing a recon of the area and boring as hell at the same time because you are essentially just sitting there waiting for something that might happen.   Writing this thesis is like that because I know what I want to say, it just takes me time to get it all put down on paper, or digits as the case may be.