The Actual Writing of a Thesis-Part 3

     At this point, I am well into writing my thesis.   I completed chapter one last night and got started on writing chapter two.   So far, with the introduction and first chapter I have written twenty-six pages out of what should end up being about an eighty pages or so project.

     So far that actual writing part has been easier than I thought it would be.   I have never written a paper that is as long as this one is and that had me worried at first.   What I am finding is that the initial getting started writing each day can be difficult but once I really get into it the problem is not being too wordy.   It would be easy to go overboard and write too much.   I am trying to keep the paper concise and meaningful; I do not want to fill it up with fluff.  

     I am pounding out about five pages a day so I am well on track to have my first draft done by the due date in mid-February.   I have already submitted my intro to my thesis advisor for comment and when I get that back I will be able to make changes as I write instead of doing extensive revisions later on if they are required.   I am trying to write so that my rough draft ends up being not so rough and I only have to make minor style revisions and not major revisions of content.   If everything continues to go as it is I am on track to have my thesis done and degree conferred in May.

2 thoughts on “The Actual Writing of a Thesis-Part 3”

  1. Wow, sounds like you’re making very good progress. Much better than I made when I was writing my thesis last spring. I did find that it was difficult putting the final touches on at the end, and I should warn you that it becomes tedious when it comes to formatting the entire thing for printing (that is if you are required to produce multiple bound copies, which I imagine is the case). Anyway, it sounds like you are well prepared, and I wish you well on it. Keep letting us know how it’s going from time to time.

    • Actually, I do not have to submit bound copies. Instead I get the joy of ensuring that the final product is correctly formatted for online publication. I imagine that is just as tedious as formatting for paper printing. My school has a style guide on exactly how it has to be formatted.

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