I Suppose I Can Consider Myself Published Now

I got my first article published this past week.   I belong to the Society for Military History and in a recent society newsletter, they asked for people who had recently worked in an archive to submit a guide.   I visited the Austrian Kriegsarhive last spring while doing research for my MA thesis and emailed them contact person that I would be interested in providing a guide for the Kriegsarchive.   I got a positive response and pulled out my notes and recollections of my visit and over the next week or so, I wrote up a guide.   It has now been posted on the SMH website at: Österreiches Staatsarchiv- Kriegsarchiv in Vienna, Austria.   Now I have at least one line to go into my CV for things I have published.   I also have a couple of articles I am working on for journal submission but that will only occur after I finish my Thesis later this month.

This post is my spam magnet for some reason.   I am going to start approving all the spam comments that get attached to this post.

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