Shout out to 1&1

I use 1&1 as my host and this past weekend was the first time in my site’s 6 month history that the site went down.   I have to say that once I emailed tech support they got back to me quick and id’d the problem very fast and told me what I needed to do an also told me ow to avoid the same thing in the future.   Apparently I either downloaded a corrupt index.html file when I downloaded the latest WP update or it got corrupted when I FTP’d it to my server.   Regardless 1&1 identified the problem and I had my site up and running within 6 hours of it going down.   I just have to say that so far I have had nothing but great service from 1&1, this despite all the horror stories I found about them on the internet.   Their price are good and as I just found out there tech support is outstanding.