The Death of Bin Laden, a Good Start

With Bin Laden dead, what next? It is a virtual certainty that terrorism will not stop because someone (even bin laden) who has been in hiding for the past 9 1/2 years was killed. Terrorism, specifically Islamic terrorism, is bigger than any one man. It is the result of an ideology that holds everything the Christian, liberal, West stands for in contempt. Bin laden is dead great, what happens next? I don’t think that the mythical moderate Muslim majority is going to suddenly come out of hiding as the Christian Science Monitor apparently believes. Where have they all been for the past ten years? Or were they hiding from bin laden like he was hiding from the US?
The biggest question to me is who knew what about where where he was. It is significant that he was in a recently constructed safe house only 30 miles from the Pakistani capital. There have been persistent rumors that Pakistani intelligence cooperates with both al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Bin laden’s location seems to reinforce that. It is difficult to believe that someone as hunted as bin laden could live so close and the Pakistani’s not know it. It is still early and news is still being released about the circumstances of his death to know anything for sure.

One last thought, what if he is not dead but captured instead? It would make sense to claim his death and “burial at sea” to mask his capture while he was wrung for every last scrap of intelligence we could get out of him. He could ten be conveniently killed and dumped at sea at a later date. I would not have any heartburn about that scenario. I am not so sure that the US could pull it off given the way in which the New York Times apparently has moles throughout the US Government, am sure the truth of that scenario would come out sooner, rather than later. It is a thought though, isn’t it?

Glad to see him finally dead although his death was rather quicker than he deserved. I am thinking that being hung, drawn, and quartered would have been too good for him. He should have been handed over to a modern Torquemada for disposotion.

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