Interesting Stonework

I was walking around post yesterday on Grafenwohr, Germany when I noticed these two pieces of stonework on the keystones of two doors on one of the older barracks buildings on post. Both pieces date to 1938 and the construction of the building during the Nazi expansion of the post during the rearmament phase prior to World War II.

Lintel piece with German helmet covering a Swastika with the date 1938 below.
Lintel piece showing Nazi ReichsAdler

4 thoughts on “Interesting Stonework”

  1. I was stationed at Rose Barracks and used to have an office on the first floor of the Povost Marshall office in Graf. These things were all over in the 90s as well as the empty rifle racks on the window bearing walls in all the offices dating to when they were barracks rooms. They were in Schweinfurt too, and I believe there was a full eagle with swastika on the outside of a building in Bamberg, or was it amberg…memory fails me. The thing was about 4 feet tall. Sad how the Army gave all those bases back to the locals. Nurnberg is dead today compared to how it was.

    • There used to be this kind of stuff at American kasernes all over Europe. I wonder how much of it is left after we turned so many bases back over. I would imagine the Germans got rid of most of it when the kasernes were refurbished. I know for a fact the stuff in Amberg is gone, the old kaserne there is now immigrant housing and a school.

  2. Actually quite interesting. I wonder if they got by the post-WWII scrubbing of Nazi symbols because the swastika is mostly hidden.

    • I would assume so, there are a couple of door lintels that are very similar to that one at the American kaserne in Scwheinfurt, where the swastika is hidden but still discernible and thus not scrubbed

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