Photo Essay – Langenbruck Cemetery – Rose Barracks, Vilseck Germany

There is an old German cemetery on Rose Barracks that I have driven past hundreds of times and never stopped to look at. I finally did today and was surprised. I thought it was a military cemetery like the POW cemetery in Grafenwohr but it is not. It is a village cemetery from one of the villages that was moved when the training area was established in the early 20th century. There are several other abandoned villages on Grafenwohr Training Area, most of them are inside the impact area and off limits, there is one other in the maneuver area that still has the shell of a church and has been a reference point that anyone who has ever trained at Graf knows about. Ask anyone who trained at Graf about the Hofenohe Church and they have probably walked through the ruins.

The Cemetery on Rose Barracks is for the village of LangenBruck. As the information panel states, the village dates back to 905. Someone visits the cemetery as there were candles on several of the graves and some of the graves have what looks to be fairly new headstones on them.

I will post the photos below with short explanatory captions.   The photos are compressed due to their large size but if anyone wants the original photos email me and I will be happy to send you a copy of the originals.

Information panel at entrance to the cemetery.

There are more photos below the fold.

Entry to the Cemetery
Central Crucifix of the Cemetery with damaged walls in the background
Some of the graves in the cememtery
Another view of the graves
A damaged gravestone
Different angle on the damaged gravestone
Grave that has been relatively well taken care of.


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  1. Hello! My mom gave me some of the genealogy that she has been doing and on it there is a place called Langenbruck OstPreusen. I have been searching every which way and found your site. I was wondering if any of the pics you have of graves have the last name of Menzel, Kassner, Heisig, or Gross?
    Everything I can find about the town is pretty much tourist stuff or in Switzerland and not Germany. There doesn’t seem to be anything that even says OstPreusen so I’ve been a bit confused. I’m in the U.S so checking it out myself is impossible.

    Thank you for your time, Pati

    • Pati,

      The cemetery I have photos of is in Bavaria. If you are looking for Ostpreussen then you need to be looking in modern Poland as that country now controls the territory that was once Ostpreussen. The English name for Ostpreussen is East Prussia. Try this site as they may be able to help you with genealogy for East Prussia: Germanic Genealogy Society

  2. Linda,

    To the best of my knowledge there are no American graves in Langenbruck cemetery. If you want to contact me you can use the contact me link on the right side of my homepage.

  3. Hey I actually have walked through the ruins of Hofenohe Church. Slept there once as well. I was the driver of D Co 1/6 INF Bradly D-2-4 at Rose Barracks, then later the Gunner of D Co 2/2 INF Bradley D-2-2 as well as having been a dismount rifle squad member in C Co 2/2 INF Rose Barracks. Later I cross trained and was assigned to the Grafenwoehr Resident Agency (if you have to ask what that is…let’s just say I was in the Criminal Investigations field) My office then was just behind and to one side of the Tower at Graf. Anyway, I’ve seen the subjects of all your pictures first hand and wanted to thank you for posting them. Out

    P.S. You should get a picture of the off post bedroom that belonged to Elvis. (just outside the Tower gate at Graf).

    • I just read your comments about grave stone tipping, I€™m also related to the Sanchez-tereso that are buried there. I did grow up about 15 miles from the cemetery. I don€™t know about them being purposely pushed over but a lot of them are sitting at such an angle because the weather is hard on them from the freeze and thaw. Yesterday was the first time we were ever there. We were at 4 or 5 cemeteries that day and there is some damage at all of them, for the most part the ones with the damage is the really old ones. I don€™t know if what was used to glue them together has degraded so much over time that it doesn€™t need much for them to fall over. We would like to find a way to clean the face of the stones to be able to read them better. My niece and I have gotten very interested in the family trees of both sides of our families. I would love to know if you have any pictures of the Sanchez-Tereso buried at the Halferty Cemetery? Your web site is very interesting, my husband was Army for 22 years and we were stationed in southern Germany three times. Sadly we weren€™t interested in this at the time so we lost opportunity to visit the graves. I would like to keep in touch with you if you don€™t mind. Please send me an e-mail address I can use. Linda

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