Book Review: A Desert Called Peace by Tom Kratman

I have reviewed several of Mr Kratman’s books so far and this is another one. I have read all of his books before and find myself going back and rereading them while I wait for the next to come out. Kratman is one of those authors that makes me wish people could write as fast I can read so I would not have to wait so long in between books. Since they cannot, I settle for rereading what they have already published, Kratman’s work is well worth reading and A Desert Called Peace is no exception.

The book is a thinly veiled recitation of what could happen to the earth. Essentially, a NASA probe discovered a rift in space that led to another habitable planet. The UN and all its lefty lackeys saw this as a golden opportunity to get rid of all the barbaric conservatives and send them to a new world. The book itslef opens 450 years later with an Islamic inspired attack reminiscent of 9/11. The US analogs reaction is roughly the same with the stunning difference that a group of mercenaries is hired to supplement the national armies. These mercenaries, the Legion del Cid, were founded by a man who lost family in the initial attacks and wants revenge. They prove to be ruthless appliers of the Law of War and pacify their sector fairly quickly while avoiding the administrative mistakes of the national armies.

The book is essentially the story of the pacification of Sumer, an Iraq analog. The constant back-story of the UN and its subjugation of earth is interesting and gives he reaer an idea of where the whole series is heading. The excitement of the book is not knowing exactly what will happen next while having an idea. Mr. Kratman’s descriptions of combat are spot on and he moves the plot along quite well such that the reader is never bored.

This is the first book in the Legion series and almost all of the sequels are just as good. This is book is worth reading more than once as the story stays fresh. The caveat is that if you are one of those people that believes in the brotherhood of man and the “why can’t we all just get along” sappiness you probably wont like this book. Then again, this book is somewhat targeted at soft brained people like that in the first place. I will be reviewing the rest of his books as I reread them in expectation of the next installment of the series.

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    • Mr. Kratman,

      Keep them coming and I will keep reading them. Your has actually inspired to get off my ass and actually finish the stories I started writing several years ago while deployed but never finished. You prove that us old soldiers can write just as good as the trained authors and actually better in some aspects.


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