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Truth, lies and Afghanistan: How military leaders have let us down
LT. COL. Daniel L. Davis probably just ended his career by publishing the above linked article in the Armed Forces Journal. LTC Davis is calling out the administration and senior military leadership as liars in the reports they are publicly producing on the state of affairs in Afghanistan. I applaud LTC Davis for calling it like he sees it. Unfortunately, I don’t think anything will come of it except professional disgrace for an officer who is trying to stand up for what he believes in. No doubt, he tried to bring these issues up to his superiors and was told to be a good LTC and shut up and if he plays nice there might be a bird in it for him. Instead he is doing what his conscience tells him is the right thing to do. I encourage everyone to do what I am going to do and send a link to his article to their Congressman with a message expressing support for discovering the truth of his statement and holding someone to account if the nation has in fact been lied to for years about things in Afghanistan.

Click on the link to find out your Congressman or Senators email addresses.

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