Periodic Iran Craziness Update # 1

Links to articles of interest about Irans continuing hijinks and the World’s response.

Intel Official: Iranian Missiles Could Hit Nearby U.S. Targets, Europe, Now what would happen were Iran to launch a missile at Israel or a US warship? At this point I am only certian that if they hit Israel, Iran would regret it.

Thailand: Iranians’ targets were Israeli diplomats, Aparrently the Iranians are not so good at actually carrying out Terrorist attacks as the three essentially failed attacks in India, Georgia, and Thailand this week show. Perhaps they should have got some of their Hezbollah puppets support. On the plus side, if these attacks were carried by members of the Iranian elite, perhaps the West does not have as much to worry about as it thinks.

Iran Says It’s Victim in Nuclear Showdown, This one is just funny, Iran is the victim? I wonder if the left will buy this hook, line, and sinker? We are being kind of mean to the mullahs aren’t we, by telling them to not build nukes and be open about their nuclear research. The Iranians could actually avoid a lot of trouble if they were not so secretive. However, generally if you act like you have something to hide, you do.

Panetta: No Iranian decision yet on nukes, and then we have the waffling, weasel wording defense secretary. Who oh, by the way is complicit in the Obama plan to actually start reducing the size of the military while we are actually in the middle of a war.

Hue and cry on Iran’s nukes, Lastly, the other sides view or at least the words of a Pakistani apologist.