Given that I generally try to concentrate on the German Wars of Unification when I do any serious research I thought I would toss this link out there.   I ran across the following article about the Battle of Lundby in 1864 today.   It is probably the best description of any single action from the Danish War of 1864 I have ever seen.   What makes it so great for my purposes is that it is in English and I can direct my readers to it.   The first of the German Wars of Unification, the Danish War of 1864, is practically ignored in English scholarship and thus finding something like this is a treasure as it sheds light on the development of Prussian tactical and operational methods that is not generally open to the English speaking world.

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  1. Thank you for the very kind words about my article. I’ll be doing my best to add to the limited sources on this much overlooked war in European history. You probably already know that Michael Embree has written a book titled “Bismarcks First War – The Campaign of Schleswig and Jutland 1864” (Helion Press). In my opinion it is a bit too “dry” though. Further more several documentaries are in production (one of which I’m involved with) expected to be released as we get closer to the 150th anniversary in 2014 (I assume these might be available with English subs at least). Also Danish national TV (Danmarks Radio) is currently producing a TV series about the war based on Tom Buk-Swienty’s two best-selling books; Slagtebænk Dybbøl (Butcher’s Bench Dyppel) and Dommedag Als (Doomsday Als), that latter of which I was a researcher on. If you read German there is a translated version of Slagtebænk Dybbøl available here:

    Let me know if you have any questions in regard to this war, I’d be more than happy to help.

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    Benjamin T. Christensen

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