Updated Comment System

I have updated the comment system to use Disqus instead of the native WP comment sytsem.  I am in the process o migrating everything to the new platform so it may be a few days before all the old comments show up.

A side note is that I will have more pure history posts coming in the next few weeks as I try to refocus the blog back towards history and somewhat away from political topics.  I am going to strive to give my regular readers more of what drew you to the site in the first place.

4 thoughts on “Updated Comment System”

  1. You are just a a troll.  Why would you make such a stupid reply to my comment about the truck that blew by the pedestrian reporter?  I was just noting that both the pedestrian light and the left turning light would not both be green at the same time.  Then you came in with your lame ass comment which contributed nothing to the conversation.  That is what trolls do.  I am actually quite conservative and we agree on most subjects.   The only problem is that you like to troll.  You make flaming inane comments just to upset people because you are so small that it gives you a sick pleasure.   It is a pathetic pass time.   I would be willing to bet a profiler would say that men who make stupid inane flaming comments on the internet to random women are frustrated males who cannot find a date and have had disastrous interactions with women.   If that is true for you which I am quite confident it is,  I am sorry.  Why don’t you get one of those dating coaches and get a little personality makeover?  All snarky comments aside,  there is this book that I recommend to men like you called, “How to Make People Like You in Five Minutes or Less” and I think that it might help you overcome your problems and perhaps live something closer to a normal life.   You don’t have to live such a pathetic existence saying ugly stupid things to random women as a substitute for real interaction.   There is help out there.  Good luck.  🙂  

    • I initially considered not approving this comment as I moderate all comments that appear on my page.  Then I decided to anyway.  Anyone who takes the time to peruse both my blog and other Disqus comments will see that you are just striking out because of a comment you did not like.  A troll, I am not.  Sometimes I may comment too fast, but I do not engage in ad hominem attacks of the sort you made above. And I am certainly not hiding behind an anonymous profile. I at least have the courage to put my own face on my words.

      Have a nice life.

    • I see your moral cowardice is in full force. It is nice to throw around accusations, harder to answer them when they are responded to.

      Who is the bigger person now?

  2. I like the Disqus system better than the native system because it is a more widespread one-size-fits-all solution so that people don’t have to have millions of accounts all over the internet.

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