Documentary Storm

DocumentaryStorm, a website for documentary lovers has asked me to help them promote their site and help them celebrate their one year anniversary.   After checking it out I agreed, they have a pretty good collection of military themed documentaries.   I have highlighted some of the ones I think are the best below.   Fell free to check out their list at DS Military Videos.

  1. The Great War, This is the complete Great War series that was initially aired by PBS in the ’90s.
  2. The Survivors of Stalingrad:  A good series about the battle for Stalingrad and the subsequent fate of the German troops who were captured there.
  3. Ancient Warriors: This excellent series examines a different ancient culture and the way they fought each episode.   Very well made
  4. Frederick the Great and the Enigma of Prussia: An interesting documentary on the life and times of Frederick II of Prussia


2 thoughts on “Documentary Storm”

    • I don’t know where they get all the documentaries. I would have to assume they pay some kind of royalties or are licensed somehow. I can tell you that about half of them are not visible to me in Europe because of GEMA restrictions. That happens to me often with any kind of media site except for regular photos.

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