Book Review: Countdown: H Hour by Tom Kratman

Countdown: H Hour is the third installment in the Countdown series, hopefully there are plenty more still to come as this just built onto the already strong premise of the first two books.   This book happens at the same time as the events in M Day but in the Phillipines as part of the Regiment conducts a completely separate mission to rescue a rich Phillipino businessman who has been kidnapped by a group of Moro terrorists from the Basilan region.   The action is almost non-stop as the short battalion for the mission conducts operations in Somalia, Basilan, and around Manila in the course of the book.   Adam, the Somali kidnapped in the first book, and the reason M-Day was founded, makes a small cameo appearance in the book.

The usual subtle and not-so-subtle political commentary is sprinkled throughout the book.   Libs will hate that although I love it.   I have about as much use for the Tranzis of the world as does Mr. Kratman.   He includes the usual afterword designed to set the brains , if they have any, Tranzis of the world on fire.   He also teases us with the title of the next book in the series, Criminal Enterprise, with no idea of release date.

The only complaint I have about this book as I have with most books is that I read it too fast.   That is my fault though because I am a fast reader.   At 624 pages it is not a small book.   Tom Kratman has once again produced a fast paced, exciting narrative that also throws some food for thought into the mix.   Another excellent work that I highly recommend to anyway into combat SF or combat fiction.

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    • Sorry I could not respond earlier, I have been enjoying vacation in the land of the big PX. I am still waiting to find out what happened to the Anglian Paras on the drop zone and have not seen anything yet about a possible publication date. You have not written a bad book yet and I love reading them.

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