Book Review: Come and Take Them by Tom Kratman

I will make no secret that I am a fan of Tom Kratman’s work and would be thrilled to see more authors of his caliber and outlook writing in Sci-Fi.  

Come and Take Them is the next installment in the Carrera series and I have waited almost 2 1/2 years for it to come out.  I hope the wait for the next installment is not that long in coming.  I do have to admit that COL Kratman had another book from a different series come out in that time.

At 512 pages of story it is a respectable sized book.  A few people on Amazon complained about the amount of space in the book devoted to discussing the training of the Legions.  I found that one of the most fascinating parts of the book but probably because Kratman describes training as I always wished it had been done during my own military career.

Come and Take Them takes us one step further on the way to finding out how Carrera eliminates the threat represented by the Tranzi’s of his world and a decadent earth.    The combat sequences are well written and I for one found the training sections to be just as interesting as the combat.  I had expected to hear more of what is going on with the UEPF but I imagine that we will hear more about that in the next book as it is obious that a clash with the TU is coming.

The big question I have is which side of the fence the FSU will land on, I have a sneaky suspicion that the libtards in charge of the FSU will lose and election the FSU will ally with Balboa at some point.  I don’t see how Carrera can viably threaten the UEPF without the FSU’s missile capabilities.

This book is well worth reading, especially for those that were disappointed by The Amazon Legion.  I highly recommend this as an excllent continuation of a series I will be sorry to see coe to it’s logical conclusion.  I would guess however that there are at least 3-5 more books left before we see the last of Patricio Carrera.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Come and Take Them by Tom Kratman”

  1. Question – Im excited to continue the series. I left off at book 3 Lotus Eaters. However based on all that Ive read it seems books 4 and 5 occur at the same time, with one person saying that book 5 actually starts a bit before book 4. Can you explain how the timeline works from book 3 to 4 to 5 ? Can I go straight to book 5 after book 3, then go back to book 4 ? Basically I want to follow the time line as straight as possible without jumping around. TY.

    • You could probably get away without reading book 4 and not be completely lost but I would read them in the order they were published. Book 4, The Amazon Legion is kind of a side story and not really essential to understanding the overall story arc.

  2. Oh, and you have all the information already to figure out how Carrera handles the UEPF. You’ll see. 😉 Hehehe.

    • I have a hunch, no more. I am sure you will surprise me and I hope I am wrong about the FSU because that would make the story too prosaic and predictable.

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