The Charge of the Light Brigade

Every time I hear the phrase “The Charge of the Light Brigade” I think of The Little Rascals and Alfalfa reciting the poem by Tennyson.   There is more to it than that though.   The Charge of the Light Brigade is perhaps one of the dumbest, yet most celebrated events in military history.   It ranks right up there with Little Big Horn, or lining up the planes at Hickham Field in the military idiocy department in my book. The Charge was not an isolated event, it occurred as part of the larger Battle of Balaclava on October 25th, 1854. Balaclava was one of the opening battles of the Crimean … More after the Jump…

Heroe’s Portraits: Sgt Luke O’Connor VC,KCB

I decided that it might be interesting to profile some of the people who have been awarded the highest medal for bravery their country gives.   I will start with Sgt. Luke O’Connor of the British Army who was the first man to be awarded the Victoria Cross (VC), Britain’s Highest Award for Bravery.

More after the Jump…Heroe’s Portraits: Sgt Luke O’Connor VC,KCB