The Actual Writing of a Thesis-Part 9

Well, I figured it is time for another update.   I have made the first round of changes to my rough draft and turned them back in and my thesis made it past my professor and is now in the hands of the second reader.   It went up to the second reader Tuesday and I should get it back sometime next week for corrections, if any.   If there are no corrections needed it will go the department Chair and then I will get a final grade for the thesis and the thesis class.  

At that point I will be done with my thesis and should only need to receive word from the university that I have met the requirements for graduation.   If that happens then my current conferral date will be 15 May and I will be the proud holder of a Master of Arts Degree in European History.   As long as the final grade on my thesis class is not below a C, I should graduate with honors.   I currently have a 3.93 GPA and don’t think I really have to worry about getting a bad grade on my thesis but I am keeping my fingers crossed anyway because the class is not over.

As ever, stay tuned. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Actual Writing of a Thesis-Part 9”

  1. My final page count including title, figures, and bibliography was 88. I figure if I want to try and expand it to book form I can easily come up with another 100 or so pages. There were plenty of areas in the thesis that could easily be expanded on.

  2. Congrats on almost being finished! In the end, how long did your thesis become? I think last time I heard, your were at…80 pages (something like that)…?

  3. Bragging about a 3.9 GPA for a master’s degree in history at “American Military University” is akin to bragging about being on the commandant’s list at Air Force cook’s AIT then did a “tour” in Kabul for 3 months while you’re at a VFW get-together with combat vets present. You’re really proud of it, seem like a nice guy and all but everyone around is sort of cringing in embarrassment for you. Brutally awkward for everyone except the guy speaking/bragging.

    Compete to get into a worthy academic program, deal with full-time rigorous interaction with academics and peers and then put yourself out there when you do well.

    • I do not need anyone to be embarrassed for me, I am justifiably proud of my achievement. Your drive-by only displays your own ignorance. Or do I detect a note of envy that I have achieved something you have not?

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