Book Review: The Stars at War

The Stars at War is actually three books in one volume; Insurrection, Crusade, and In Death Ground. I first read these about 10 years ago and loved them then. I have since reread them several times and they are well worth it. The story is exciting and never goes where you think it will. It is space opera on a grand scale.

Essentially what happens is that the human race has expanded to the stars through a series of warp points and they have discovered that not only is the universe not empty, it is not full of peace loving aliens singing kumbaya either.   In fact, the opposite is the case, the universe is full of alien races that want to take over the same space as humans and are willing to fight for it.   I will not write a full synopsis her but suffice it to say that if you pick this book up or any of it’s components and like it you will probably be hooked and be like many of the rest of us military SF fans waiting for the next work from a select group of authors like heroin addicts waiting for their next fix.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Stars at War”

  1. I just finished the stars at war books and loved each one. I wonder where Weber ends and White begins, or do I have that backwards

    • I think, but am not sure, that Weber writes the alien parts and White the human. Or it could just be that they write alternate chapters, taking turns, if you will.

  2. Ever read “Ender’s Game”? I read it about 15 years ago or so on the recommendation of my brother-in-law, and I have remembered it ever since as an ingenious sci-fi-military read, even though it was written perhaps in the late 70s or early 80s. I’ve been waiting for a movie version to come out ever since.

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