Herman Cain Has Officially Announced His Candidacy for President

Herman Cain is the one real person running for president, not a career politician. He is probably the best candidate out there and I am waiting for the left-wing Smear Machine to go into overdrive on him. Here s a pretty good piece in The American that talks about how can the Tea Party be racist since most of us love Herman Cain.

3 thoughts on “Herman Cain Has Officially Announced His Candidacy for President”

  1. Joshua,

    Ron Paul has been a politician since 1976, which automatically disqualifies him in my book. A 35 year involvement in politics and 33 year tenure as a congressman meets the criteria in my initial post of what a career politician is in my opinion. I also find many of his views a little bit off the wall. I agree with him on some things but disagree with him on others, especially his isolationist stance.

    I am one active duty military member who did not contribute to his campaign in 2008 and I will not this time around either. I want somebody in the oval office that has not spent any of their adult life in elected office, I want a candidate who has had to live in the real world and not the world of campaigns, focus-groups, or salient messaging. Sorry, Ron Paul’s long political career knock’s him out of this voter’s running.

  2. Hey Patrick, I just stumbled on your blog.

    Respectfully, I wonder if Ron Paul is “a real person” by your standards, and what might disqualify him. After all, Ron Paul has been called the “godfather of the Tea Party” and is the only candidate that actually served in the military.

    Since he was a surgeon in the Air Force, don’t you think he would know full well the gravity of sending troops into combat? I dunno… maybe that’s one reason why he was the candidate with the most donations from active military personnel in the 2008 campaign.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the video! The Herminator is definitely one to watch, too!

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