Endorsing Herman Cain

This piece by Charles Kradlec is one of the most ringing well written endorsements of Herman Cain I have seen.   It is well worth reading your self.   The conclusion of the piece says it all:

When we vote for an individual to be president, it is an act of trust.   I choose Herman Cain because his policies would lead to a more prosperous, more secure America and a more just society. I trust Herman Cain to be president because he trusts liberty and the American people to move America forward to the great nation it aspires be.

I could not agree more.   I heartily hope and will act towards ensuring that Herman Cain is the next president of the United States.   The country needs somebody who has lived and worked in the real world and not been a career politician.

1 thought on “Endorsing Herman Cain”

  1. Patrick,
    I am brand new to this site and I find it extraordinary to say the very least.
    I am looking forward to looking through it and it is certainly a privilege.
    Thank you for such a thing, It is much appreciated. I can assure you
    that I will never plagiarize your stuff, and will humbly ask if I ever
    were interested in re-posting with full credit attached of course.
    I am surprised somewhat by your endorsement of Mr. Cain, but, given
    the fantastic site here and the knowledge compiled, I would not
    consider to debate you on it. I respect your opinion and will leave it at that.
    Have a good day sir, : ) -Mike

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