Book Review: Carnifex by Tom Kratman

This is the second installment in the Legio del Cid series of books. It is another hit out of the ballpark my Mr Kratman for fans of combat SF.

Carnifex continues the story of the Legio del Cid and it’s ruthless commander Patrick Hennessy nee Carrerra in his battle to see the murderers of his wife and children brought to justice. The story line is developed more and does not rely as much on pure combat to move the story along. The part I like the best is the tale of the UN Peace Fleet’s intervention in the war and the cynical, self-serving logic behind their intervention. The UN realizes that if they don’t stop Carrera on Terra Nova, the logical extension of his quest for justice will lead him back to Earth. The UN and various NGOs and corrupt governments on Terra Nova actually team up to scheme against Carrera and the Legion. The only thing stopping them from invading Balboa for now is the power of the Federated States. This is another excellent installment in the Legion series and I heartily recommend it.

Kratman is one of the best writers of combat and combat SF fiction writing today and I hope he keeps writing it for years to come.

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    • LTC Kratman,

      If I don’t have a choice I don’t have a choice. i guess I will just have to wait then. At least you have other stuff coming out in the meantime. Keep the great reads coming.


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