1 thought on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Happy Turkey Day! I personally feel grateful that I live in a tolerant civilization where I am not persecuted for religious beliefs. Our American ancestors left religious persecution and risked their lives to live freely. I personally hope everyone in the world will learn toleration of different views and if they cannot tolerate each other, at least trade with each other instead of kill one another. I know its idealism but having an ideal once in awhile is okay in my book.

    The Middle East has three religions that are extremely intolerant: Shia, Sunni, and then Haredi Judaism. All three of these religions need to be challenged, imo, because they are severely cruel to women, children, animals, and out-groups.

    I hope that the spirit of the European Enlightenment, aka the toleration of Spinoza spreads throughout the lands of the entire earth!

    “The freedom to philosophize can not only be granted without injury to
    piety and the peace of the Commonwealth, but that the peace of the
    Commonwealth and Piety are endangered by the suppression of this freedom.” -Spinoza

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