The Desert Fox (Turtle) Loses to the Toxic Dragon

The Desert Turtle is not an endangered species. It is arbitrarily designated as “vulnerable” but not endangered. 

They are inactive during most of the year and only come out during seasonal rains. At least 95% of their life is spent underground.

Adult tortoises can survive a year or more without access to water.

Their natural predators include ravens, gila monsters, and ants.

But the BIGGEST threat to the desert tortoise’s habitat are WIND AND SOLAR FARMS.

Do you care about the Desert Tortoise? I know I do. I believe in preserving living biodiversity.

Therefore, any environmentalist worth his salt should be up in arms about the idea of the Chinese government buying up huge swathes of land in Nevada to create solar and wind farms.

The Chinese now own huge amounts of America’s natural resources, and if China is any indication, the Sierra Club won’t be clubbing in these parts of the woods anytime in the near future.

That is correct – The communist Chinese government now owns the most vital and lucrative parts of America. They have bought it at fractions of what the market value would dictate.

You want a vision of the future?

It looks like Chernobyl.

3 thoughts on “The Desert Fox (Turtle) Loses to the Toxic Dragon”

  1. Please consider your sources. Anything from the Guardian or WND should be heavily scrutinized. BP is a multinational, shareholder company. If you are implying that they are British owned, that would be incorrect. China is NOT buying land to build wind and solar farms in the west. That would be the American company NRG. Besides, our environmental regulations are far more stringent than China’s. It would not be lucrative for the Chinese to build type of power resource in the US. Most of the new green energy sources are being susidized with our taxes. The 9-11 mosque may have been funded, but it is not going to be built. And Murdoch is Australian…who cares?!?

  2. I am not sure I buy all the “the Chginese are buying America” hype. The same thing was said about the Japanese in the 80’s and the Brits in the Gilded Age and neither really came to pass.

    • Its true that all that stuff was said, but a lot of it did come to pass, like Rupert Murdoch is an Australian and he owns Fox, Rahm Emmanual fought for a foreign country’s army and he is the mayor of Chicago, BP dumped their load on us, The Chicoms own several of our meat and cattle industrial plants, etc. The Saudis own Manhattan real estate and funded the 9-11 mosque, etc….

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