UPDATE: Saint John of Nepomuk

I wrote a post about Saint John of Nepomuk a week or so ago and at the time I wanted to post a picture of the statue near my house but had been too lazy to stop on my way to work and take picture. I fixed that yesterday and here are the photos. The first one is a full-length photo of the statue and the second is a close-up of the inscription. The statue stands on the bridge over one branch of the creek that flows behind my house. The stream’s name is the Flötbach (Flute Stream), but of course it is the Shrierbach where it is adjacent to my property line. 🙂 The inscription is kind of hard to make out but it says “Flurbereinigung, Kemnath, 1975-1990” in the original German.   This translates to “Land Reform, Kemnath, 1975-1990″  The statue was placed to commemorate the German Land Reform that occurred between 1975-1990. The statue is obviously much older than 1975, but I asked at the Stadt and nobody could tell me where it originally came from. I am going to try to ask the local Historical society folks when I run into one of them.

John of Nepomuk Guarding or Blessing the Flötbach