Saint John of Nepomuk in Prague

I went to Prague last weekend with my family and took the opportunity to walk across the Charles Bridge where St. John of Nepomuk was martyred.

There are two shrines to St. John on the bridge and both are crowded.   I took some photos while I was there and they are blow with description sin the captions.   It was interesting to walk across the Charles Bridge because it is full of statuary and shrines along its entire 520m length.   Man are difficult to interpret and the inscriptions are so worn that it is difficult to make out what they say.   Well, the pictures are below.   It was cold and cloudy when I took them so the quality is not the best on all of the them.


View of Hradcany Castle from the Old Town
The shrine to St John of Nepomuk on the Charles Bridge in Prague

The bright spots are polished by people touching them for luck.

View of the Charles Bride from the Old Town
Mini Shrine marking the spot where St. John was thrown off the bridge by the King's men

Supposedly, if you rub the cross embedded in the bridge railing and the figure on the metalwork it will bring good luck.   Of course, we did. 🙂

A view of the complete Nepomuk shrine.


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  1. can you tell me the meaning of the circle of stars around St. Johns head? The statue is at the top of the church. My friend was there last summer & experienced much, but is unable to remember the meaning.

    Thank you very much,

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