Sixty-Sixth Anniversary of Hitler€™s Death

On this day 66 years ago, Hitler did the world a favor and took his own life.   Unfortunately, he should have done it in 1923 and saved the world upwards of 100,000,000 dead while he pursued his ambition of being a great war leader and genocide.   Less than two weeks after his death the leaders of his supposed 1,000 year Reich signed the Unconditional Surrender of Germany’s Armed Forces and ended World War II in Europe.   It would take another four months for the Allies to force Imperial Japan to do the same thing.  This is the BBC’s announcement of his death: Hitler_is_dead


Dating Conventions

I figured that here I would talk about dating conventions because I will eventually be posting about ancient and medieval battles as well. The question is A.D. & B.C. or C.E. & B.C.E.? The current convention says that C.E. & B.C.E standing for Common Era & Before Common Era are what we should use in modern scholarship.  The reasoning is that A.D. & B.C. are religious in nature and therefore exclusionary terms.  Sorry, I call bullshit on that.  A.D. & B.C. may be religious terms, I don’t dispute that, but they are also what people have been using for literally hundreds of years.  Trying to change dating conventions because of … More after the Jump…