Some Videos from Iraq in 2004

I figured I would embed both of the videos I took in Iraq in 2004 on the site.   I have included brief captions below each video.   plus, I took them all personally, none of them are graphic and I don’t have and would not post any pictures of dead bodies.   The videos are pretty bad quality because the camera I had in Iraq was a very basic 3 megapixel POS. I will give it one thing though, it made it through the deployment where expensive cameras did not. Tripod, one of the coolest dogs I ever met is below.   How you can be so happy with only three legs I do not know, but his tail literally never stopped moving.

Tripod outside the Mess Hall on our FOB in Sep 2004.

The controlled detonation of an IED we found in the Ad-Dawr police Chief’s office in Dec 2004

Controlled detonation of an IED on the main road road through town 22 Nov 04

I have a whole bunch of pictures I took while deployed and if I get some interest I will post more with better descriptions.