The Grave of Richard Wagner

I recently visited the grave of Richard Wagner behind the Wagner Museum in Bayreuth, Germany and thought I would share the photos I took while there.  The grave itself is not very remarkable and the only way you know it is is his is because there are signs pointing to it.  There is no marking on the grave itself saying it is where Wagner and his wife are buried.  There is an outstanding site with a wealth of information on the composer at the Richard Wagner Archive.   The gravestone for the dog says Here rests and guards Wagner’s Russ.  Russ was the name of his dog.  

Blitzkrieg and Other Funnies

I saw these posters several years ago at a site I can no longer remember and saw them again today in my random pictures folder.  As graphic design college students know, sometimes the words that accompany images can make them more humorous. I think they are hilarious so I decided to share them.  They no doubt exist in many other places on the intertubes as well. If anyone knows where to attribute these please let me know in the comments, a sense of humor like this needs to be encouraged.