Ukraine Update

I am about half convinced a this point given the level of rhetoric that the first open Russian incursion into eastern Ukraine will happen by the end of the month.  I would guess it will be an aerial incursion, probably a helicopter gunship that crosses the border and penetrates 15-20 km’s.  At this point I would not b surprised if Russia orchestrated somebody firing on said incursion to give causus belli.

Now would be a good time for a bit of revisionism

Ladies and Gentlemen: Please notice the absolute awe of silence from Western nations (and in particular, liberals) during the takeover of the Crimea…. Where are the street demonstrations? Remember 2003, anyone? Well, maybe if you live in Alaska or Europe, you may want to remember that our “allies” in WWII were the most brutal, raping animals that ever came out of the steppes. Life under Russian rule would be cold, despotic, arbitrary, hopeless and short: just like it is for Russians right now. Meanwhile, America is worried that a worthless piece of desert *may* produce a single bomb: the last time this country invaded Europe was 2400 years ago. The … More after the Jump…