Courtesy Patrols Outside Fort Benning

Drudge has a link up to this story about the military instituting Courtesy Patrols (CP) in downtown Columbus, Georgia just outside the gates of Fort Benning. The story itself is very balanced and explains what a CP is what they will be doing quite well I think. I personally am in the military and have both seen and had to act as a CP during my time in the military. They are nothing remarkable. As the story makes clear, the CPs have no legal standing with regards to people who are not in the military. They do have however, and can execute, command authority over members of the military who … More after the Jump…

Can’t Play Online Poker Anymore :(

I don’t play poker online but I Think it is kind of stupid that the Feds would waste so much time and effort stopping it, They should probably regulate it and tax it, that might even help with the Deficit. I do think the banner they put up when shutting down Poker sites is quite amusing. Full story here It is only a matter of time before there is some kind of internet policing for speech as well s amusement. Net Neutrality indeed.

Does this Little Girl Look Like a Terrorist to You?

This was linked on Drudge Today.   Words Fail me.   How idiotic can our “security” procedures in America get? That little girl sure looks like a threat to me. UPDATE: The TSA has posted a response/explanation at their Blog. The best out of context logic in the post is this “Recognizing that terrorists are willing to manipulate societal norms to evade detection”. In the words of some political hack in Washington who I can’t remember, it “requires of suspension of belief” to think this little girl was a terrorist or some kind of threat.

Shout out to 1&1

I use 1&1 as my host and this past weekend was the first time in my site’s 6 month history that the site went down.   I have to say that once I emailed tech support they got back to me quick and id’d the problem very fast and told me what I needed to do an also told me ow to avoid the same thing in the future.   Apparently I either downloaded a corrupt index.html file when I downloaded the latest WP update or it got corrupted when I FTP’d it to my server.   Regardless 1&1 identified the problem and I had my site up and running … More after the Jump…

Spam Comments on My Blog

An update to a previous post Spam Comments on my Blog.   I think I set a new personal record last night.   I got over 46 spam comments on my blog last night.   The vast majority included some garbage link in BBcode, which is not supported on a WordPress site.   WP only uses HTML code.   This is what the average spam looked like: NXwj1S ijecicpmubjv, [url=]wgfbpiifvfrp[/url], [link=]hpgadeqvqdmq[/link], NXwj1S ijecicpmubjv, [url=]wgfbpiifvfrp[/url], [link=]hpgadeqvqdmq[/link], I have not went down any of the referenced urls for fear of getting a virus on my home machine.   Any of my readers are more than welcome to try although I … More after the Jump…

An Interesting Page

The Five Myths Archive at the Washington Post is an intriguing site that has some very interesting pieces in it of both contemporary and historical significance. none of them are particularly military that I could see though. *sigh*

Bureaucratic Redundancy

I generally try to avoid posting or saying negative things about work for fear that the fickle-demons of the internet will find out and get me in trouble but I have to share this one. I saw this today at work and just thought it was one of the dumbest things I have ever seen in my 20+ years of government service.   I have to go through all the SOPs at work and ensure they are in the correct format as part of yearly update drudgery.   What did I find that is so stupid you ask?  We actually have a SOP at work about when and who is … More after the Jump…

Little Blue Penguin

This is a Little Blue Penguin from Australia.   I saw it in a story on Livescience yesterday and since I think Penguins are cool and don’t want to be serious all the time I decided to post the picture and accompanying link.   Unfortunately the Livescience story is down but here is another page with info on them.